Sponsorship Production Info

Shipping Deadline
October 7, 2016

All exhibitor supplied sponsorship items must be received in advance and sent to the Freeman warehouse.
Contact Dan Pacyna at Freeman for your label. Late charges will be applied to all exhibitor supplied graphics received after the deadline.

The Deadline to Submit Graphics
Monday, August 28th

Tuesday, August 29th – Tuesday, September 12th – increase by 25%

Wednesday, September 13th – Monday, September 25th – increase by 50%

Tuesday, September 26th – Tuesday, October 10th – increase by 100%

How to Submit Graphics
Our desire is to provide you with the best possible quality graphics for your sponsorship item. You can help us in that effort by providing digital graphics that meet minimum requirements. To view a pdf file that gives complete customer guidelines for submitting graphics artwork, Click Here.

Upload Your Graphics to the Freeman ftp site - FTP Instructions
Please upload your graphics into the “_Advertising Sponsorships” folder located inside the FTP link below.

Dan Pacyna
Graphic Account Manager
8201 W. 47th Street | McCook, IL  60525
PH 773-473-7420

This is the ftp site link:
user: freeman
password:  Xfer2100 (this password will not change for remainder of the show)