Marketing and Advertising

Maximize your exposure and reach your target audience before, during and after the Annual Meeting. 

APHA TV - See your work or program playing on video screens throughout the convention center, in attendee hotels and on APHA’s website. Find out more below.  

Advertising - Purchase an ad in our final program available to all attendees. See rates below. Or consider promoting your brand in one of our publications or online. Advertising opportunities are available in the American Journal of Public Health, The Nation’s Health, on the APHA website and more. Find out more. 

Email Lists - Not yet available for 2017. More coming soon.

Note: All structure Designs are Subject to Change


Final Program

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The Annual Meeting Program is distributed to all participants. It is an important source of information for the approximately 14,000 attendees and nearly 600 exhibitors expected each year, during the conference and as resources afterwards. Material deadline is August 22, 2017. View the media kit for additional information, rates and reservation forms.  

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